Bhakti Vedanta Academy for Cultural & Character Education (BACCE) Foundation is a registered Non Profit entity started in the year 2013 comprising of various inspired Individuals. At the heart of its activities has been that of shaping values in the society for general well-being and enhanced performance


We are a group of likeminded individuals who have come together and believe there was an urgent need to address the youth on topics that could add quality and value to their lives, Such topics are rarely addressed in our schools today. We intend to bring a change that can empower young minds and bring consciousness to ones surroundings and themselves.

Teaming Professionals
Solution for Youth Problems
Experiential Learning

At BACCE Foundation we want to bring experiential and value based learning to classroom education by giving access to high resource individuals from various fields of expertise who otherwise wouldn't be available for class room teaching by engaging few full days week in week out to address students on important topics.

Helping Youth Find Answers to Questions?